Life can be pretty demanding and stressful. You work hard, but still struggle to bring in enough money to care for yourself and your loved ones.

Either it is your boss who doesn’t pay you enough even though he makes you work long hours. Whether he doesn’t appreciate what your doing, or you lost your job and struggle how to pay the bills and care for your family members.

Whatever your circumstances, when live challenges you, it is easy to start complaining. It is easy to feel depressed. It is easy to get frustrated and angry about the situation. It is easy to feel pitty for oneself.

That is easy and everyone will understand and agree with you. It is normal to feel stressed in a situation like this. If you would feel happy, if you could accept the given situation and see the bright side of life, many people will look at you like you’re crazy. Right?

As much as it is understandable to think this way, it doesn’t help and it doesn’t change your situation for the better. In fact, it will make it worse, as you’re clinging on to the negative energy. And negative energy attracts more negative energy.

So, what is the solution?

First step is to drop your problems. And please read on a little bit, to understand what it is I mean by dropping your problems.

Buddha says this: if you have a problem, which you can solve, why worry about it, solve it and the problem is gone. If you have a problem, which you can’t solve, why worry about it, just drop it.  

Please look into your own life, what are the things that take your energy? What are the problems that are on your mind? Write them all down. Keep on writing for at least 3 minutes, without stopping, without editing.

Just write down all the problems you face in live, right at this moment. What are the things that keep on going on in your head? What are the things that make it hard for you to fall asleep at night or even wake you up during the night?

Write down all the things that cause you to say or even think “My life is a hell”.

Now take a moment.

Take a glass of water.

Take a breath.

A deep breath.

One more.

Now start to read the list you just made, out loud.

If you really want to take out the best of this exercise, read it out loud to your loved one or business partner. If that is too much for you right now, then do it in front of the mirror, looking at yourself.

During the time you’re reading, feel what is happening inside your body. Be aware of your sensations. Be aware of your emotions. Don’t judge, just observe.

Now take a pen and cross out the problems, which you can’t solve. What is the point of worrying about them, if there are outside your reach.

Take a new piece of paper and write all the remaining problems, these are the ones that you can solve.

Now get up and start solving these problems.

What are you waiting for?


Since 2005, Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa has been pursuing her mission to bring health and happiness into the workplace with Kundalini Yoga. Sat Kirtan knows very well the demands, stress and challenges in the business environment, having worked at the head office of a major financial institution in Amsterdam. The success of her classes inspired her share her experiences and expertise by launching NineMinMax® Business Yoga and writing the Kundalini Yoga book Bye Bye Stress in Nine Minutes or Less: Nine powerful practices to find health and happiness.

She also teaches an online Business Yoga teacher training program with participants from around the world.

Sat Kirtan is an avid harmonium player and the mother of two beautiful children.

If you’d like to learn how to increase health and happiness at your work, consider taking the online RelaxBye Bye Stress program that’s based on the knowledge of the Bye Bye Stress. You’ll learn how to deal with stress and reduce it with 25% in less then 40 days.


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