Silence is such a powerful language. It tells you so much. Just be still, close your eyes and follow your breath.

Anyone can do it, anyone will gain from it.

That’s what we’ll be practicing today in the mini meditation.

Feel free to share what silence is bringing you.

Thank you,

Sat nam (truth is your identity)


Please share this in your network, meditation is a powerful way to get innerpeace and the more innerpeace spreads, the more outerpeace will occure.


Since 2005, Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa has been pursuing her mission to bring health and happiness into the workplace with Kundalini Yoga. Sat Kirtan knows very well the demands, stress and challenges in the business environment, having worked at the head office of a major financial institution in Amsterdam. The success of her classes inspired her share her experiences and expertise by launching NineMinMax® Business Yoga and writing the Kundalini Yoga book Bye Bye Stress in Nine Minutes or Less: Nine powerful practices to find health and happiness.

She also teaches an online Business Yoga teacher training program with participants from around the world.

Sat Kirtan is an avid harmonium player and the mother of two beautiful children.

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