#1 Q&A with Sat Kirtan: Why Do I Cover My Head?

Sat nam.

Many people have asked me this question and even more times people have had this question and not asked it.

I figured it would be a good question to start my new video serie by answering this question.

I didn’t grew up wearing a turban. From 2004 until 2015, I wore it occasionally and always liked the feeling when I did. It feels very protected, and brings me close to myself.

During that time I was always aware of me wearing it and looking different. I’d ask myself, what would people think of me wearing it. I also was convinced that, as I’m a Business Yoga Teacher, I should look like a business women, not like a yogi.

Everything changed in 2015, when I was preparing the class about the ego in my Teacher Training to Become A NineMinMax Business Yoga Teacher.

In this group, 3 people were wearing their turbans. I realized that my ego was afraid to be rejected. I talked to my ego, embrassed the fear and started to listen to my heart.

Ever since I’ve been wearing it daily. It is part of who I am now and I don’t notice it anymore or worry what others think. I’ve integrated it into my being.

Even my kids love to wear it daily and now people tell us how beautiful we look with the turban.

So listen to this video, what the effect of the turban is and if you’re curious, try it for yourself.

Share your experience in the comments.