The meetings will be online, live, fun, uplifting and could be in the beginning a bit challenging, but you don’t need any yoga or meditation experience before. If you can sit and breath, you good to join ?
The meetings are short, energetic, powerful and fun and with the most important person in your live. These meetings are structured according to an agenda, just like normal business meetings.

The person you’ll have a meeting with,
? is actually very familiair to you;
? brings you the latest updates and best insights;
? knows the answers to all your questions;
? loves to spend time with you as he or she has so much to tell you.


Please give yourself the coming two weeks the highest priority, join as many meetings as you can, before you decide whether you have a fit with these meetings or not. Cause at first, what you’re asked to do, might be strange, different and maybe even hard, but after you’ve done it a couple of times, you’ll be hooked, as you know what the effect of these meetings is ?

That’s why you’ll pay only 5.99 euro to join all meetings the next coming two weeks.

Practical info:

– Classe duration: 20 – 30 minutes.
– Live classes via a secret Facebook Page three times a week, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays 12.00 am (CET The Netherlands/Amsterdam timezone).
– When you become a member of the Facebook Community, ”

Online NineMinMax Business Yoga Meetings

, you can watch the video’s later on a moment that fits you.
– No previous yoga or meditation experience is needed.
– No other clothes or even a yogamat are needed. You can join the meeting, sitting in a chair behind your desk.
– You join the meetings at your own risk. Listen to your body, to what it needs. Don’t push yourself over the limits.
– First two weeks for free, afterwards you choose the subscription that fits you.


A) Supported subscription: 9 EUR a MONTH: for the ones who really need it and can’t afford to pay the normal price.

B) Regular subscription: 19 EUR a MONTH: for those who want to join, who are able to pay the normal price

C) Support subscription: 29 EUR a MONTH: for the ones who are able to pay a bit more. With this option, you pay off some of your karma and make some people very happy;-)

Join Sat Kirtan’s Online NineMinMax Business Yoga Meetings, To Give Yourself The Highest Priority During Your Busy Schedule.